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Classic Homesteading eBook Bundle

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Start your homesteading journey today with 272 classic books!

You're not just getting an amazing set of homestead eBooks - you're getting a whole crash course in sustainable living!

Whether you're interested in learning how to grow and preserve your own food, raise chickens, or build non-electric housing, this bundle has everything you need to get you started today!

Learn at the feet of master homesteading experts from days gone by.

Do you long for a more self-sufficient lifestyle? One where you know how your food was produced and you have the skills to take care of yourself and your family no matter what happens?

Having your own homestead is empowering and freeing! And it all starts with taking those first steps. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming.That's where this amazing treasure trove of homesteading knowledge can help you!

With this bundle you'll receive over 270 eBooks (digitized books) written in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Each book has been carefully selected to discuss an important aspect of homesteading life. 

From gardening, greenhouses and farming, to raising animals, bushcraft, and building cabins and shelters, no stone is left unturned in this homesteading collection!

When you purchase The Classic Homesteading eBook Bundle today, you'll get immediate access to all 272 eBook titles. 

Here are the homesteading topics covered in this bundle:

  1. Homestead Gardening
  2. Homestead Cabins, Shelters & Houses
  3. Homestead Health
  4. Bushcraft & Woodcraft
  5. Homestead Farming
  6. Practical Homemaking
  7. Homestead Animals & Bees
  8. Homestead Barns
  9. Homestead Food Preservation & Recipes
  10. Homestead Greenhouses
  11. Homestead Handiword & Arts
  12. Homestead Orchards
  13. Homestead Hunting & Fishing
  14. Making Money on the Homestead
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Classic Homesteading eBook Bundle

How many books are included in the bundle? 
The bundle includes 272 carefully chosen titles written in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The authors were all experts in their field, very familiar with the daily nitty-gritty of homestead living.

Who would benefit from the bundle? 
This bundle of ebooks is perfect for those wanting to get back to their roots and learn “primitive” (non-electric) homesteading skills. With guides on everything from gardening and canning to raising chickens and goats, you’ll be a homesteading expert in no time!

Are these books available in a physical format? 
No. These books come to you in downloadable PDF files, easily readable on computers, tablets and phones.

How are you able to publish these titles? Aren’t they copyrighted? 
All of these books are old enough to be in the public domain, meaning the copyright has expired.

Aren’t these books available for free? 
As part of their project to digitize just about every book in the world, Google took these old books from libraries across the country and scanned (digitized) them into electronic format. You could try to locate all 272 titles on your own, but it would take many hours. We spent days scouring the world of digitized books to carefully select each of these titles to organize them into this massive bundle. 

How much is the bundle? 
You’d expect to pay a premium price for this money books filled with valuable homesteading wisdom from days gone by. For a limited time, we’re making this huge collection available to you for the amazingly low price of only $10.00! Less than a movie ticket or a meal out!

Do you offer refunds? 
Due to the electronic downloadable nature of this product, we are unable to provide refunds.

Sounds good! How do I buy? 
So glad you asked! Just click the Buy button to securely complete your purchase through PayPal (no PayPal account required).
You will get a ZIP (5GB) file
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